Nursing Hair Care, Hair Products, and Hair Styles for Longer Hair | GRWM Nursing

Nursing Hair Care, Hair Products, and Hair Styles for Longer Hair | GRWM Nursing

Learn my nursing hair care tips, hair products I use as a nurse, and hairstyles for longer hair.

How do I care for my hair as a nurse? What hair products do I use? What are some nursing hairstyles that I can recommend for longer hair? And why do I allow my hair to grow so long, anyway?

Those are some great questions that I have received from my viewers, so I decided to finally make a video about hair.

While our hair is often the last thing we’re thinking about while working a grueling 12-hour shift, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind as a nurse, especially if you have longer hair.

So let’s get right to it…

Why is My Hair So Long?

People sometimes ask me why I grow my hair so long. The answer is quite simple, really. My husband likes my hair this length! I also find that I prefer it longer because it is easier to style, cut, and so forth.

My hair has been different lengths in the past, ranging from shoulder length and longer. But my husband and I both prefer it longer at this point.

How Do I Care for My Hair as a Nurse?

As a nurse, you’ll come into regular contact with germs, so it is important that you wash your hair thoroughly. My personal preference has always been to take a shower immediately after every nursing shift so that I can remove any germs.

I usually come home, put my shoes in a plastic bag (shoes get nasty), put my scrubs in the “dirty” scrub pile (away from my regular clothes), and take a hot shower. I use copious amounts of shampoo so that I can work up a good lather and remove any germs that have worked their way into my hair.

Taking a shower after my shift also makes it easier to get ready the next morning, because I can sleep in longer and don’t have to take a shower again.

What Products Do I Use for My Hair?

For a link to the products, please check this article:

I use various brands of shampoo with matching conditioner, and I like to experiment and change brands every so often. Below are two of my favorite brands of shampoo/conditioner:

-Pantene Pro-V: Smooth & Sleek
-Aussie Family: Aussomely Clean

One thing I’ve learned in the past year is the importance of matching your shampoo type to your hair texture, which may vary during certain seasons. For example, during some seasons, my hair gets a bit fluffy or frizzy, so I use shampoo that fights frizz.

What Hairstyles I Use While Working as a Nurse:

I prefer to wear my hair up in a bun (high or low) with a “poof” at the front, especially if I’m working in a direct patient-care setting. If I’m working in a more relaxed setting, I generally wear a braid ponytail.

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