Overnight Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know | Gayathri Dias

Overnight Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know | Gayathri Dias

The average person spends over 1/3 of their life sleeping, you might want to start doing some of these overnight beauty hacks to get the most out of all that time we spend in bed.
Just by adding a few smart changes to your bedtime beauty routine, you can wake up looking more refreshed and glowing each and every morning.
By knowing the right products to choose and the proper way to use them before bed, it can save you a ton of time on your morning routine as well.

Overnight Beauty Tips

1. Remove makeup daily
2. Cleanse your face at least once a day
3. Brush your teeth twice a day
4. Have a nice body shower before you sleep
5. Clean your legs/ feet/ nails at night and use a proper body lotion and a foot cream for your legs
6. After a body shower, use a body lotion
7. Take dinner before 7 to reduce weight gain
8. Have 2 glasses of water before you sleep
9. Scrub your face once in awhile

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