Photography Lighting Tips For Model Testing In Fashion Photography | PRO EDU

Photography Lighting Tips For Model Testing In Fashion Photography | PRO EDU

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Model testing is the foundation of nearly every career in beauty and fashion photography. From the swanky fashion photography on covers of Vogue Magazine and Harpers Bazaar to the flawless beauty photography on billboards and signage in Sephora – it’s a good bet every one of those beauty and fashion photographers started with model testing, and they likely continue to test with models today.

Model testing isn’t only for beginners, but it is the best way to start building a beauty or fashion portfolio. Many established beauty and fashion photographers continue model testing as a means to create new work, practice, or experiment with new lighting setups and equipment. For some photographers, model testing is a business. Just ask commercial fashion photographer, Elizabeth Wiseman. She actually built a business getting paid for model testing.

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