Product Review: Curly Hair Products by Batia and Aleeza

Product Review: Curly Hair Products by Batia and Aleeza

I was contacted by a Hair Salon called Batia and Aleeza down in Beverly Hills, here in California, because they wanted to send me some of their curly hair products to see what I thought. I’ve spent years trying different products to tame my curly hair, so I was really interested to try Batia and Aleeza’s natural hair care products.

In the package from Batia and Aleeza, I received a bio-natural shampoo, a bio-protein conditioner and a bio-herbal sculpting gel. Batia and Aleeza specialize in the cutting and styling of curly hair and have created their very own natural hair care products designed to tame hard-to-control curls. You will find more of their products on their website:

I was very pleased with the curly hair shampoo and the curly hair conditioner was very moisturizing and hydrating. It really helped to detangle my hair. The hair gel was phenomenal! It gave great natural shine and control to my curly hair, defined my curls and best of all, it smells of coconut. You can order it from their website or on ebay ( ).

Also check out their blog: usually post hairstyling tips or advice about curly hair products.

Overall, the curly hair shampoo and conditioner from Batia and Aleeza were good, but the hair gel was phenomenal!