Project Panning Tips, Tricks, and Advice + What I’ve Learned Along the Way!| Lauren Mae Beauty

Project Panning Tips, Tricks, and Advice + What I’ve Learned Along the Way!| Lauren Mae Beauty

In my video explaining what project panning is I had mentioned doing a tips and tricks video giving advice on project panning and people requested it… so here it is!! These are just a few of the things that I think might help you be successful in your project pans and will hopefully keep you motivated to use up products!! I have learned a lot over the years and am finally at a point where I don’t stress myself out over using products and hope this will help you try to avoid that step altogether!! Thank you so much for watching!! 🙂

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1. Start a challenge with a time limit!
2. Use the community for support!
3. Mark your progress!
4. Start with a smaller project! (Maybe 6 items)
5. Pick makeup you would actually use everyday!
6. Multi-task you products for faster progress!
7. Vary your items! (size, category, newness)
8. If it isn’t working, get rid of it!
9. Progress is progress!!

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