Scotch Porter: Achieve The Look: Wavy/Curly Hair

Scotch Porter: Achieve The Look: Wavy/Curly Hair

Looking to cleanse, increase moisture and define your style when it comes to your wavy/curly hair?

Check out our tutorial video and tips below πŸ‘‡. Our Hair Care collection is perfect for men with textured, wavy/curly hair.


– For added definition, after applying the Scotch Porter Leave-In Hair Conditioner, take 10-12 minutes to two-strand twist your hair, depending on length and fullness, you’ll create 8-15 twists. Let the twists set in for 20-30 minutes. Kill some time by checking your IG feed, that’s always a good time!

– A silk bonnet is moisture’s best friend! Get one and place it on your head when you go to bed. And NO, bonnets are not just for women. Wearing one will help maintain your curl/twist pattern for a couple of days

– Shampoo at least once and co-wash (wash with conditioner only) 2-3 times per week- After applying the Scotch Porter Nourish & Repair Conditioner, work the conditioner through your hair and place a plastic cap on it. Let the conditioner sit for ten minutes. Take a seat and check a few emails or make a cup of tea
– Work through your curls with your fingers first, detangling as you go. Then continue for 1-2 minutes with a wide tooth comb

Our Hair Care Collection features Kale Protein, Biotin and White Willow Bark, leaving you with healthier hair and scalp.This collection is perfect for styling men’s textured hair by providing it with key ingredients to cleanse, hydrate, moisturize.

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