Starter Makeup Kit for Beginners

Starter Makeup Kit for Beginners

Hello my ninja babies,

For this Girl Talk episode, a lot of you requested for a video on ‘Beginners Guide to a Starter Makeup Kit” so I hope this video will be helpful. I’m glad you guys are asking for beauty topics too and not just ‘relationship-related’ topics. Definitely more to life than men right? ^_^

I purchased a new Lighting System recently and I was so excited to test it out. I think I had the lights too close to me because the lamps were totally reflecting off my cheeks lol. Can see the rectangle shapes! Yeah, made my face look mega shiny. Bear with me. I’m trying to work out the composition. They take up like half of my living room already… What to do… aiyah.

In a nutshell, I really recommend to start light and take it easy. When I first started off with makeup, I put EVERYTHING on my face without much knowledge of knowing how to use each product. I look back and I cringe so much at my major makeup mistakes lol. Yep, I went to school with an orange face and badly blended crazy blue eyeshadow. Before you buy anything. Make sure you do a little research and check out what other people think of them (makeupalley is a site a lot of women use).

Gradually build up your kit. You may be happy with a small makeup bag of makeup. You may end up with a vanity table of makeup. You may be very passionate about it. You may just wear it for presentation for your everyday life/work. It’s cool. Whatever floats your boat ^_^

Make subtle changes first and just be sure to not let the makeup wear you. Be in control ^_^. Of course, remember to be hygienic with your makeup too.

Ps. My hair is still long. I have to wait until after my big sister’s wedding before I can cut it says mummy!

Much love, Bubz xx


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