Stop Hair Fall in 2 days | Tips & Remedies for Men & Women | Hindi

Stop Hair Fall in 2 days | Tips & Remedies for Men & Women | Hindi

Can you stop completely your hair loss? What are the best tips for hair thickening? How to get rid of Hair thinning and baldness? What is that one exercise that can help you to get rid of Hair Loss.

Hair Loss is affecting a large number of people nowadays. The reasons can range from hormonal issues to lifestyle ones. A healthy diet, exercise and supplementation can easily combat this issue.
There is a compound called as DHT which is a by product of Testosterone. DHT sit on out hair follicles and prevents the absorption of nutrients by our hair. This results into hair thinning and ultimately hair fall. Fenugreek seeds are an excellent natural DHT blocker. They can be used while cooking or can be applied in the form of hair mask.
Sirsasana is an excellent yogic practice which can tremendously increase the blood circulation in the scalp.
Diet should be rich in protein, Omega 3 fats, Zinc, vitamin c to arrest hair fall successfully.

Fjunction is a Indian fitness channel where a information on scientific basis is provided. Anurag Sharma is an engineer and an internationally certified trainer and nutritionist.

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