The History of Long Hair on Men – From CaveMen to Now

The History of Long Hair on Men – From CaveMen to Now

Up for a history lesson? but of the fun kind? In today’s video I’ll be covering the history of male long hair and how things have changed over the years to bring us to where we are at now.

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Long hair for men has gone in and out of style over the centuries and it’s clear that politics and the mainstream views of society have played a massive role in dictating and whether or not it’s acceptable at different times. But who the f#ck cares… Well that’s what we think anyway.

We’re not going to be covering every little detail and period of time where long hair was a thing, but we will be covering periods where long hair was very prominent and what was happening at those times, starting with CaveMen.

Cavemen are the epitome of how simple life is supposed to be for a human. No grooming, no education, no politics. Just eat, sleep, SHlT, groan & repeat. Doesn’t that sound great?

No, but really. The lifestyle they had was literally just about survival and if we look at the stereotypical appearance of caveman we always see him with long hair and a beard. Why do think that is?
Our best guess is that that’s exactly how he was supposed to be. That’s right, if you take away everything society has built including:
– The corporate environment
– The economy
– Social pressures to fit in
– Clothes
– Supermarkets
– Buildings
– Electricity
– Beauty products

All you’re left with is a man exactly the way he was designed. Please don’t get us wrong, this post isn’t supposed to be a flat out bash on society. There are TONS of AMAZING things that have come from human civilisation.

The main point of this section is just to look at the concept of men’s long hair objectively and highlight that long hair on a guy is actually more normal than wearing a t-shirt is.

We also find it super ironic that something like this is so easily forgotten and over the years in multiple different cultures, men have been made feel ashamed of being exactly the way they were designed, which we just can’t get our head around and is the main reason this blog even exists haha.

Anyway, now that we’re clear on the fact that from the beginning of humankind that long hair on men was supposed to be a thing, let’s have a look at where else we saw this as civilisation developed a bit more…

If you’re keen to get more insight into the History of Men’s Long hair, make sure you watch the entire video as there’s some pretty interesting things in there.

Thanks so much for coming to watch my video and I hope you have an excellent week!

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