The Style Mistake You CAN’T Avoid | Men’s Fashion Faux Pas

The Style Mistake You CAN’T Avoid | Men’s Fashion Faux Pas

Learning the ropes of men’s style and cultivating and developing your own personal style is a journey. And we’re all on that journey. Some are just beginning (welcome!), some have mastered the basics, and some have graduated to PhD-level sartorialism. The thing is, along that journey, you’re going to make some mistakes. No two ways around it. It’s going to happen.

There is one mistake, however, that I rarely (if ever) hear people talk about. While articles and videos love listing things off with more or less easy remedies, the style mistake I’m talking about never really comes up. Why? Well, first of all, it’s kind of hard to but into a neat box. And second of all, it’s not so easily remedied. The thing I can most definitely guarantee though is that you cannot avoid this mistake during your style journey.

I can hear you now: “WHAT IS IT?!” Well, that’s what I’m talking about in this video. AND I’m giving you some effective ways to deal with the root causes. Enjoy!

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