This Amazon cosy bowl holder is a great life hack and stocking filler idea

Amazon is a great place for discovering life hacks – it’s practically brimming with inventive solutions to frustrating every day problems. 

One product that you’re sure to want this winter is the CozyCo; a microwaveable safe bowl pot holder that lets you carry your soup from the microwave to your sofa or bed without burning your hands.  

It’s simple, affordable and – most importantly – effective. Reviewers on Amazon have described it as ‘genius’, a ‘first class buy’ and ‘great for all generations’. If you’re looking for a fun stocking filler, this is a great idea. 

The CozyCo hugger, which costs just £8.99 on Amazon, protects your hands against the heat of the bowl when carrying soup

The CozyCo hugger, which costs just £8.99 on Amazon, protects your hands against the heat of the bowl when carrying soup

Soup season is here and if you’ve ever struggled with taking a hot bowl of soup out of the microwave, or if you enjoy eating soup in front of the TV and tucked up in bed, then you’ll know easy to burn your hands in the process. 

Enter the CozyCo. The cosy bowl hugger can be put around your bowl straight into the microwave. There will be no more searching for a tea towel or oven glove, as you can simply place your hands around the CozyCo and remove it from the microwave. Easy.  

Super affordable at just £8.99, the CozyCo would make a great Christmas stocking filler or Secret Santa present. 

‘I love that these are so easy to use,’ wrote one delighted shopper. ‘No more spills or burning my fingers with hot bowls. Highly recommended. Good stocking fillers for parents!!’

Another commented: ‘I bought this item for work to carry my soup from the microwave to the place where we sit to eat our lunch. Keeps everything warm without burning fingers in the process of carrying the hot bowl. Great invention!’ 

Simply place your bowl and its contents in the CozyCo and put it in the microwave

Your food gets hot, but your CozyCo doesn't so it's easy to take out

The CozyCo is an insulated pouch so you can microwave, carry and hold your hot bowl without hurting your fingers

Shoppers have noted that it’s brilliant for all ages, particularly the elderly, as the thick padding makes it easy to handle and it is heat resistant, making it much better than an oven mitt or tea towel.

‘Just what my elderly parents needed,’ wrote one shopper. ‘Makes using the microwave with very hot china safer for them, especially my mum with arthritis’. 

Another added: ‘Loved that it can go in microwave on 2 min bursts. Lovely to pick bowl of soup out without using gloves. A well made sturdy product. Ideal for all generations to use. For me it’s a first class buy.’

The hugger doesn’t have to be used solely for hot foods either. If you’re partial to a tub of ice cream in the sofa or in bed then the CozyCo keeps your hands from getting too cold. 

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