Tips On How To Get Long Hair & My Hair Care Routine

Tips On How To Get Long Hair & My Hair Care Routine

Hey guys! Sorry about the late video but we’re back with a video on “Tips On How To Get Long Hair and My Hair Care Routine”. Sadly, these tips aren’t “over night” hair growth. These tips are gradual and it takes a lot of time. It took me about 6 years to grow out my hair this long and I simply kept it healthy. I hope you like this video!
Products used:

100% Pure Coconut Oil- literally from any grocery store. Specifically, I got mine at Target.
Chi Silk Infusion- Target
Coconut Oil Deep Repair Mask- Sally’s Beauty Supply. Buy one at:

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ALSO, I want to address that the statement I made “cutting your hair signals the brain to make it grow longer/faster” is completely false. I had no idea wtf I was saying and I heard it a while back from a website so I thought “why not?” Sorry for the false statement. Don’t waste your time commenting what I said was wrong because I knowww Im wrong. ha thanks

Hope this video helped you all and i loveee you!