Tips & Tricks for Seamless Blending | Hair Extensions Basics

Tips & Tricks for Seamless Blending | Hair Extensions Basics

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Clip-in hair extensions are the simplest way to make your dream of long voluminous hair come true!
The Irresistible Me clip in extensions are made from human hair and they offer you length or volume with the snap of a clip. All you have to do is attach them at the base of your hair and make sure they blend with your natural hair.

Take it from someone who wore extensions for over 10 years and who made a lot of mistakes along the way. There are a lot of don’ts to installing hair extensions, but in this video you can get a peek behind the curtain and see the major DOs.

There are some basics of clipping in hair extensions and you can get a good result just with that. The reaction you want to get when you wear hair extensions and you want to share the secret with someone who compliments you on your hair is “Those are extensions?!?!”. To get that reaction you have to experiment in the privacy of your home, using the tips and tricks of an expert.

Some of the tips in this video have to do with imagining yourself with naturally long hair or a lot of volume. Finding a photo of someone with a similar hair texture and color as yours, but with longer hair or with thick voluminous hair, can help you find out where are the best places to clip in your hair extensions. The Irresistible Me sets come with many wefts: 7 wefts (100g sets), 8 wefts (140g sets) or 10 wefts (200g sets and Volume Vixen 260g sets). Another tip is that you should trim the hair extensions to follow your current haircut.

The best clip-in extensions are made with 100% human hair. The best of the best are made with remy hair. Remy hair is gathered in such a way as to keep the cuticles healthy, intact, flowing from the same direction from root to tip and properly aligned in relation to neighboring hairs. Remy hair remains soft and silky, and it can be used as our own natural hair. Irresistible Me clip-in extensions are made with great quality remy hair that can be washed, dyed (preferably darker shades as bleaching is an aggressive form of treating anyone’s hair), cut, styled with and without heat.

Irresistible Me extensions have a straight texture and they are soft and silky in a very natural way.
Although it’s possible to sleep with the hair extensions attached, it’s better not to, for the long term benefit of your hair extensions and maybe even your comfort.

Out of all the types of natural hair extensions the clip in extensions are the cheapest way to get longer hair or to add more bounce and volume to your hair. They are also the easiest way to install and child’s play to take out. You can have long hair for an evening out and short hair when you go out for a run the next day.

Their great appeal comes from the fact that they are versatile – you can use them to create all types of cute hairstyles. When you go to a special event you can have Beyoncé-like hair (or Farah Fawcett hair if you’re more into the 1970s retro style), you can have Katniss Everdeen’s braid whenever you want and with a few clicks you can go back to your Jennifer Lawrence pixie cut.


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