Winter haircare Routine 2017

Winter haircare Routine 2017

Winters are already here! And, our hairs during winter become dull, frizzy and rough. That is why, winter hair care is must and it keeps you really happy. There are many hair care tips available in the market, but to take care of very dry hair, you need some basic steps to follow. These steps are affordable and very easy for you.

Below mentioned is the 2017 winter hair care routine with winter hair care products:

OILING- there is a big question on how to care hair with oiling. Well, in winters, oiling helps to nourish your hair and gives you a smooth feeling. It is a best hair care for dry hair and one of these best tips for dry hair. Take a small amount of oil on your palm and then slowly massage on to the scalp. If you want, you can opt for hot oil method also.

SHAMPOOING- Choose a shampoo that actually nourishes your hair. The best moisturizing shampoo for winter is Loreal Paris 6 oil nourish shampoo. It has a goodness of 6 oils and perfect item for winter hair care routine. It reduces hair fall and the best shampoo for winter. If you are suffering from winter hair problem, then this is again the best shampoo for winter hair and helps you clean your scalp nicely.

CONDITIONING- Another important part of hair care in winter season is conditioning. It deeply nourishes your hair. Do not ever apply conditioner from the roots of your hair. Apply conditioner from the mid-section of the hair till the ends of the hair. Keep it for 2-3 mins and then wash your hair. I use the conditioner from the same family of shampoo. Save your dry hair in winter with this simple step. It is really a Wow product.

SERUM- After you wash your hair and pat dry with towel, do not comb wet hair. Use a tiny amount of hair serum, rub it on your fingertips and run through the hair strands. Serum actually works as a protective layer from heat and pollution. Livon Serum is must item in your hair care routine.

During winters, applying hair mask is a hassle because we feel so lazy. Right? As winter hair care tips or hair care in winter with home remedies, you can make a DIY hair mask.

Mash some banana, add olive oil or honey and then apply the paste evenly. Keep the paste for 5-10 minutes and then wash your hair. It is one of the best hair care tips at home.
The above steps are the best winter hair treatments that will keep your hair healthy and bouncy. Follow these above hair care tips for dry hair and be winter ready.


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