Yes, Black Women Can GROW REAL HAIR!

Yes, Black Women Can GROW REAL HAIR!

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This is my second time “blowing out” my hair (essentially straightening my hair with a blow dryer). Last year I braided my hair, this time I put my hair into about 9 bantu knots for a wavy texture. The make-up was done for my recent photo shoot (hence the exaggeration of everything!) ;o)


Q1) How long have you been growing your hair?
A1) For 4.5 years total (but I started really taking care of my hair 3 years ago) The longest parts of my hair now reach my hipbone.

Q2) How has pregnancy affected your hair growth?
A2) Honestly? Not noticeably. Was actually hoping to benefit from “pregnancy hair”. But MY hair has been long for a WHILE now due to my preservation & protective styling methods. So I’ve noticed very little change in my hair shed pattern. I shed about the same. Then again I have 2 months to go, so that may change.

PLUS my hair was already waist-length prior to pregnancy, so “all this hair” is the result of my EFFORT. No magic! No magical products! (although *I* think my upcoming product line is pretty dope) :o)

Q3) Did you color your hair?
A3) No. no. no. I’ll admit it looks darker, but I do not use any dyes on my hair whatsoever. I pluck out the 15 or so gray hairs that show up in my crown.
If my hair color looks different, as in DARKER? It is due to the lighting (one video was filmed at night/ the other in daylight). Same camera though.

Q4) Did you trim your ends? They look smoother this time.
A4) I only trim off KNOTS and weathered ends from my hair. I don’t trim my hair for “neatness”, I trim with purpose. I prefer the organic hair line look because I wear my hair naturally kinky 99% of the time.

Most people do what I call the “classic trim” which is FINE. As in, trimming off equal amounts all over the hair without regard for individual strands. Its quick and easy. But you WILL cut off perfectly fine hair. That’s the tradeoff. :-/

Q5) Your hair looks “healthier”
A5) Hair has no “health”. And I hate that term because IN MY OPINION it doesn’t set your thinking right for maintaining your hair. Saying “healthy hair” implies that you can do bad things to it and it can be rejuvenated. It can’t.

Hair is a fiber that can only be preserved or destroyed. Period. And well preserved hair looks well maintained. Say “healthy looking” if you need to, or hey say whatever you want. Lol! I’m just trying to remain consistent.:o)

All of the hair you see in this video January 2012, was on my head in January 2011. The only difference this time is that I used a bit more heat to straighten my ends because last year I blow dried AND flat ironed my hair. This time, I’ve only blown my hair out, so I used more heat to straighten. That’s it.

I wish you all well on your hair goals and life goals in general for 2012.
I will be posting LOTS & lots of videos on Youtube for the next few weeks, however, I will NOT be “present” on Youtube. As in interacting, reading, responding, etc.

Comments will be disabled or minimized as I focus on the launch of my hair care product line, hair device and most importantly the remainder of my pregnancy. Good or bad, noise is noise. And I have enough of it right now. :o)

THANK YOU for all your well wishes and congrats. My husband and I greatly appreciate the love.

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